It is not uncommon for a client to not know what services they need from a general contractor. Often this arises from steps that should be taken before any construction begins. These tasks can often look like permits, zoning, excavating, or even specialty services like electrical work or plumbing. One way to mitigate these issues is to link up with a reputable contractor who can handle the majority of issues. When contacting contractors they either might not be upfront with what they can and cannot handle or they will be quick to take the job without first thoroughly inspecting the site. AAA Home Builder is a great solution to this problem as we can help you to navigate what it is you need to be done and the different steps you should take to complete your project. AAA Home Builders teams up with a long list of reputable contractors so that we always have the best options available to see your project to completion.

What Services Should I Expect?

General contractors should, as the name suggests, be able to handle most projects, but this is not always the case. Often single personal contractors will have to subcontract to get specific jobs done. This is not normally a big issue, but it can result in inflated costs because the contractor will need to shop around to find someone to solve specific tasks. As stated, this is not always an issue and is completely dependent on the job and the transparency of the contractor you are working with. We have learned from personal experience that the main hang-up or road bump when it comes to contractors is finding the right one. This is the solution that AAA Home Builders solves for you at no cost. Once you get on the line with one of our professional representatives expect to have a list of reputable contractors to choose from. You can be assured that we work with only the best because AAA Home Builders has a history with each one of our contractors and has proven that they have a track record of success.

Different Types Of Contractor Services

When outlining contractor services it is important to look at them in terms of types of jobs. Here we will outline just a few different types of projects that a contractor can handle. A few of the residential services our contractors handle are renovations, restorations, new builds, additions, and Insurance.


Renovations are very common; they represent any job with the goal being improvements to existing builds. These often take the form of new countertops, cabinets, or tile to a bathroom or kitchen, but can also include a bedroom and common areas. Sometimes clients would like to have a bathroom expanded upon turning a half bath into a full bath or changing out existing lighting for more modern LED installations.