What We Do

At AAA Home Builders we have put together a network of reputable and experienced contractors and craftsmen in Southern Arizona that are ready to work for you. Our services are free and solve the problem of having to find the correct company for your job. One issue people have when looking for a contractor is finding someone who is available for smaller jobs like handyman work involving tile repair, painting, and minor restoration. Many companies will do this work but it is not their specialty and as a result, you get put on the back of their to-do list. It’s not the fault of the company they just specialize in and prefer different types of jobs. We have pre-vetted all of our contractors to make sure the correct match happens so all you need to do is let us know the specifications of your project and wait for the correct contractors to contact you. Where we really help out is with getting you in contact with the right person for any sized job. Different projects can be tricky to place for a multitude of reasons. Often a job can involve a wide variety of specialties and a thorough understanding of your needs. This is why matching you up with the correct contractor is essential to making the magic happen. For us most remodeling jobs are considered “medium” in size; they are not quite new ground-up builds nor are they new home constructions but still involve a high level of expertise and knowledge. The perfect contractor for this type of work can vary depending on the job. Larger jobs like custom homes and new build construction involve a long process. Many times we find that potential customers have not taken some steps necessary for the project to even begin and we are more than happy to help you navigate your way through the process from beginning to end. This includes permit and zoning given out by the city, excavation of the building site, and drafting a blueprint. As a result, you need a home builder who can handle this for you or have you already taken care of the footwork? Little questions like these can be answered by our professionals and neglecting them can start to bog down a project. Ask us today how we can help and we will start working for you immediately!

How We Work

The process on your end is very simple. Fill out one of our forms here or give us a call and we will contact you about the specifics of your project. We will ask some basic questions about your location, the project you are working on, and the number of quotes you would like to receive. It’s that simple. After the first phone call or email chain, if you prefer, we can start working for you and get you going on the right path. We will contact our network of licensed and bonded contractors to find you the perfect match with a reputable company in your community. Once we have assembled your team we will let you know about the options you have available and they will contact you to arrange a time to put in a bid for your project. After the project is complete we will contact you to hear about your experience and make sure it was of the highest quality possible.

What Services Do We Offer

Our network is complete and able to handle any job. If you want a billboard on the moon, we’ll get you a quote! We keep a list of our services here and are able to expand if your project is not included in the list. As stated earlier no job is too big or too small. If you are in need of Handyman services, General Contracting, or a professional and reputable Home Builder we have you covered. Ask us about our successes and make them your own.

Picture of Lane Douthit
Managing Partner

Lane Douthit

My dream was to own a business and face the challenges of growing a company. Over the years we have been able to grow our network to include all of Southern Arizona and have aspirations to reach beyond even that!

Picture of Gavin Shippen

Gavin Shippen

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well as the construction industry.

Picture of Sam Shippen

Sam Shippen

Sam also believed in giving back to the community and has worked tirelessly to help the needy. He has undertaken multiple.